Can you break a curse when you’re broken yourself?

Attending bloody fights seems to be the only way Gina can appease her inner wolf and feel something in this messed-up reality the supernatural war has left behind.

She’d lost too much. Including, as loath she is to admit it, herself.

When a Leshy ambushes her on a darkened street with an offer to come work for the Interspecies Crimes and Relations Agency, Gina waves him away. What good could a packless, beaten-down werewolf be?

A nearly lethal incident, however, forces her to reconsider her options.

With the foul magic infecting her brother acting up, ICRA’s resources might be the only way to save him. A good thing—if only taking the job wouldn’t mean diving headfirst into the very world Gina wanted nothing more than to disappear from. Worse yet, it would mean facing the pain she’d only managed to survive by burying it so deep down not even its ripping talons could do harm.

To release it…

Gina wants to save her brother. She just isn’t sure if she can save herself.

Fans of kickass heroines, good old rockabilly and blues, and thrilling supernatural suspense will love exploring the shadow side of Berlin in FANG DEEP IN THE BLUES, the prequel to the exciting new series by USA Today bestselling author Gaja J. Kos!

Gaja J. Kos

Gaja J. Kos is a USA Today bestselling author with a mission to breathe fragments of Slavic lore onto many, many pages of fiction.

She is also a bisexual witch who grew up watching Xena, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one is really too surprised about the direction her adult live ended up taking.

She enjoys steamy books and steamier music, has an endless love for starry nights, and is a shameless summer babe with a soul-deep palm obsession.

Gaja resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband, two Chinese Crested dogs, and many, many plants.

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